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The Clinical UX Career Guide Book cover The ultimate companion to starting a career in Clinical UX.

From Doctor to Designer

After a career as a doctor,

Dr Gyles now work as a Clinical UX Specialist

Dr Gyles Morrison has been working in Digital Health and Clinical UX since September 2014. His career has taken him around the world, working on international digital health projects and speaking at conferences educating thousands.

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“Gyles is a brilliant mentor. His breadth of knowledge and experience is invaluable. His patient and methodical approach always helped guide me to question every stage during a project to ensure I had a full understanding of how I can use UX methodologies to implement my projects.

Ameet Gonsai 
UX Designer
United Kingdom

World Renowned Speaker in Healthcare and Clinical UX

Sharing research and experiences through articles, podcasts and at international conferences

Knowledge is power.

Therefore Dr Gyles Morrison actively develops his knowledge and skills in Clinical UX. He then shares what he has learned with others so they too can improve healthcare for the benefit of others. This investment of others further reinforces his own knowledge and skills as a practitioner and educator in Clinical UX.

This feeds in to the various services Dr Gyles Morrison provides as a Clinical UX strategist, UX mentor, career coach, speaker, host and writer.

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“Gyles has been, and continues to be an exceptional mentor to me. He has been instrumental in my success as a user researcher, supporting my transition from academic and clinical research, into the wonderful world of UX!

In particular at the start of my journey he encourage me to envisage myself as a UX researcher, hyping me and reminding me of the skills I have developed and the done the work to achieve success in this industry. His kindness, patience and expertise have given me the confidence and ability to grow from a shy junior researcher to a self-sufficient and competent mid-level user research, who is currently at the brink of carving my next steps in my career as a senior UX research consultant.

His support has encouraged me to pay it forward, and I too, have helped others to enter the industry. Something I wouldn’t have done had I not experienced a great example from Gyles.

I have learned a lot from Gyles and couldn’t recommend a better mentor! Thank you Gyles”

Lorraine O. A. 
User Experience Researcher
United Kingdom



Apart from working as a Clinical UX Strategist and educator for most of the working day, Dr Gyles Morrison is often asked to provide his unique perspective and advice on medicine, Clinical UX and career change. Therefore he shares through: speaking at conferences, podcasts, livestreams, online and print content, and consulting on digital health projects.

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