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UX Mentoring & Coaching

Anxiety is fuelled by uncertainty.

But through my UX mentoring and coaching services, I can help you remove that uncertainty by creating appropriate UX project plans, use UX skills and knowledge more competently and conduct UX work more confidently.

I work with UX professionals, and their managers, who are in need of UX mentoring and coaching. It’s ideal for people who need regularly guidance or advice, and teams who need help but have limited budget to hire more full time staff.

Aalia Profile Picture

“At the time I needed a mentor I was unclear what I was looking for but I understood as a one- women-design-team that I needed guidance. Dr Morrison unpacked the challenges and concerns I had and reaffirmed my value as a designer, helping me manage work dynamics, timelines and design debt.

Aalia Coovadia
UX Designer and Researcher
South Africa



Less Chaos

Bring more structure and order to your UX work.

Increased efficiency

Use UX skills and knowledge more appropriately

Work Confidently

Have increased trust in your abilities and work.

I help clients work through a variety of work related and professional development issues. My clients face a variety of problems which I can help with. These include:

  • Lacking confidence or effectiveness in their role.
  • Little or no standardised UX processes at work, causing confusion and wastage of time.
  • Often having to redo work, due to poor requirements and working practices
  • Regularly work on of failing or failed projects.
  • Disillusionment, frustration, or feeling wasted as a professional.
  • Impostor syndrome and questioning of one’s ability and value.
  • Dissatisfaction with the job, leading to job avoidance or even depression.

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“Gyles has been, and continues to be an exceptional mentor to me. He has been instrumental in my success as a user researcher, supporting my transition from academic and clinical research, into the wonderful world of UX!

In particular at the start of my journey he encourage me to envisage myself as a UX researcher, hyping me and reminding me of the skills I have developed and the done the work to achieve success in this industry. His kindness, patience and expertise have given me the confidence and ability to grow from a shy junior researcher to a self-sufficient and competent mid-level user research, who is currently at the brink of carving my next steps in my career as a senior UX research consultant.

His support has encouraged me to pay it forward, and I too, have helped others to enter the industry. Something I wouldn’t have done had I not experienced a great example from Gyles.

I have learned a lot from Gyles and couldn’t recommend a better mentor! Thank you Gyles”

Lorraine O. A. 
User Experience Researcher
United Kingdom


After a FREE 30min consultation call, my clients have three options:

8 Week UX Induction Package
Clients go through a structured program to explore their current work situation. This could be a new job, or one they have been in for a while. Either way, they need to get unstuck with the problems they face.  I use my own 7 step assessment and see clients.

4 Week UX Mentoring and Coaching Package
Clients have 4 sessions to cover any work related issues or any topic the client would like to explore. Ideal for clients who know 1 hour is not enough to cover all their issues or successfully solve them.

1 hour UX Mentoring and Coaching
A 1 session to cover any work related issues or any topic the client would like to explore. Ideal for clients who have a simply issue or topic to cover.

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