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From Doctor to Designer

After a career as a doctor, I now work as a Clinical UX Strategist

I was born and raised in Tower Hamlets, East London and graduated from Bart’s & the London School of Medicine & Dentistry in 2011. After three years working as a Doctor, I took the leap in to IT and now work as a Clinical User Experience (UX) Specialist where I research and design digital healthcare solutions. I am among a rare breed of doctors who do UX, and an even rarer number who work in healthcare UX full time.


Clinical UX

The experiences patients and clinicians have with healthcare technology and services. A heavily regulated field where knowledge of healthcare economics, processes, technology, law and ethics are essential

Thought Leader in Healthcare UX

I’m passionate about improving the health and well-being of others through Clinical UX

Good health is a basic human right. As a specialist in Clinical UX, I believe digital health has a role to play in optimising both physical and mental health for all. This is role goes beyond the efforts and output of modern medicine and traditional healthcare services which lacks the impact it needs for global citizens. I therefore teach on the topic of digital health and Clinical UX, regularly mentor other UX professionals and both speak at and host conferences around the world.

In 2016 I founded and became CEO of the Clinical UX Association, the global community of clinical, UX and IT professionals passionate about healthcare UX and digital health.

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What I do

How I can best help you?

I am often asked to provide my unique perspective and advice on medicine, Clinical UX and career change. Therefore I share through; speaking at conferences; podcasts; livestreams; online and print content; and consulting on digital health projects.

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Clinical UX & Digital health Consultant

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