Elevating Clinician & Patient Experience

CLinical UX & Digital Health Consulting

Healthcare is not consistently providing the outcomes clinicians and patients deserve. Expectations are not being met the way they should, or worse, expectations are being lowered due to such power experiences.

Clinician and patient experience can and should be better, and that is where Clinical UX comes in. As a niche within healthcare UX, Clinical UX focuses on the experiences clinicians and patients have with healthcare technology and services. Clinical UX involves specialist research, design and strategy services, clinical risk can be identified and rectified. Clinical UX consulting services are most effective when paired with of digital health consulting services since Clinical UX and digital health are intricately linked.

This service is offered to digital health entrepreneurs, startups, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical and beyond. If a project involves improving the outcomes of clinicians or patients, Dr Gyles can help.

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“Dr Gyles Morrison MBBS MSC has been part of my projects, he’s my go to UX expert. I am always confident to consult Dr Morrison. His depth of knowledge is reassuring and his delivery always spot on. Beyond this, he’s a great, jolly good human.

Dotun Adeoye
CEO @ 235 Digital
and Business Growth Strategist
Nigeria and United Kingdom


Reduced Clinical Risk

Identify and mitigate clinical risk before harm is caused

Improved Workflows

People and processes work more efficiently

Better Health Outcomes

Measureable improvements in health and wellbeing

Clinical UX consulting services can solve a variety of problems for individuals, teams and organisations. These include:

  • Limited experience with clinician or patient facing products and services
  • Lacking confidence or effectiveness on healthcare projects.
  • Little or no standardised UX processes, causing confusion and wastage of time.
  • Regularly work on of failing or failed projects.
  • Limited uptake of launched products and services
  • Impostor syndrome and questioning of one’s ability and value.

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“Never have I met someone who lives and breathes their craft like Gyles. His passion and devotion to clinical UX has been clear to all for over a decade and he’s acknowledged as a pioneer and leader in this field. Gyles’s practice is founded on clinical evidence, design excellence and ultimately on deep empathy for all involved in receiving and providing healthcare.

Dominic Pride
Founder @ Notion Direct Consulting
 Veteran Digital Strategist
United Kingdom

Effective Clinical UX consulting involves a number of tasks and activities:

  • Clinical Heuristic Evaluations to assess for usability and accessibility issues that can cause clinical risk
  • Digital Health Market analysis for digital health business opportunities
  • Digital Health business advice to maximise profitability of digital health products and services
  • UX clerking for starting new project briefs and making an initial assessment
  • The 7 T’s for onboarding on to new projects, teams or organisations
  • Research auditing to support effective research planning
  • UX maturity assessments to identify opportunities for improvement and the specific strategies required to make that opportunity a reality
  • Critique sessions where structured and constructive feedback is provided on ideas and work in progress

and much more

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“Dr. Morrison has vast experience in the clinical UX field and is passionate about mentoring and developing emerging UX talent. He has a treasure trove of resources, expertise and patience and his input is a must if you want to take your career to the next level.”

Dr Hillary Hines 
Clinical UX Designer @ Ministry of Health & Wellness

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