Nurturing Career Change

Career Coaching

Career change is often intimidating and scary.

However, through career coaching, the intimidating and scary can become familiar and inviting. Successful career change can bring increased income (although this may be proceeded by temporary reduced income) and new fulfilment in one’s professional life. Career coaching ultimately helps one have clarity and confidence leading to successful career change. 

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“Gyles is a fantastic coach: approachable, responsive and relatable. He is skilled in understanding what is important to you and how you can realistically and practically get to where you want to be – within a short timeframe.

He has an invaluable breadth of knowledge and experience coupled with a positive, motivating energy which I really appreciated during my coaching journey. I also appreciated his flexibility and his genuine willingness to help.”

Dr Seema Pattni
Medical Doctor and Coach for Female Doctors
United Kingdom



Understand yourself and your options


Be equipped with required knowledge and skills


Change your career with a plan you can trust

Career coaching clients face various career change issues and desires which. Career coaching can help clients if one or more of the following applies to them:

  • Lacking confidence or effectiveness in applying for roles
  • Sense of feeling trapped in current role or profession
  • Little or no success in getting interviews
  • No CV, or one that get’s rejected without feedback
  • Disillusionment, frustration, or feeling wasted as a professional.
  • Impostor Syndrome and questioning of one’s ability and value.
  • Dissatisfaction with the job, leading to job avoidance or even depression.
  • Interest in a new profession you have no formal experience with
  • Entrepreneurial, but don’t know where to begin

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“After working with Dr. Gyles I felt more confident about interviewing for a new UX position. You can tell he is an excellent listener and passionate about his craft from the helpful and actionable feedback he provided. Through the sessions, I was able to articulate more of the value I bring to the table. This proved very helpful in my job search so much that I landed in a position that fit me!

I would suggest Dr. Gyles to anyone who is in UX and might feel stuck with their career.”

Kyle Miller  
Product Designer working in Fintech
United States of America


After a FREE 30min consultation call, private clients decide on the total number of sessions required to achieve results. But in principles this means choosing one of three main options:

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